Facebook has become an indispensable unit of our everyday life as it seems incomplete without getting connected to the social world. However, it is not possible to carry our laptops everywhere just for the sake of using Facebook and we all know that desktops are not even portable. The solution to this “huge” problem is to use Facebook from your cellphone. Let us see how.

1. Download Facebook on your mobile based on your operating system

If you have a non-Android or non-iPad cellphone then the only option available to you for using Facebook is to visit www.facebook.com from your stock browser and log in with your credentials to be able to use it. On the other hand, if your cellphone is powered by Android or iOS, the whole process gets a lot easier. Download the Facebook app from your respective app stores or simply visit www.facebook.com/mobile to get the app download links.



2. Open the app and fill in your credentials

Once the app is downloaded on your cellphone, simply fill in your login details and click on Log In to start enjoying Facebook anywhere you go, anytime. That’s it. You have successfully learnt to use Facebook from your mobile, with ease.