With the introduction of new social media elements being incorporated into Facebook, the process of tagging your friends in a picture has been upgraded to a whole new level. Not only has it become easy but also convenient to tag a large number of Facebook friends. In order to have a more detailed idea about photo tagging in Facebook, just follow these easy steps:

1. Upload a Status, photo, video or life event

Presuming you are already logged in, hover to the Update Status section on your Facebook profile (as shown below) and click on Status, Photo/Video or Life Event.

If you are updating your status, simply click on the What’s on your mind? portion on the Update Status dialog box and type something.


If you are uploading a photo, click on Upload Photos/Video and select the photo(s) from your hard drive that you wish to upload on Facebook to share with your friends.


2. Tag your friends

In order to tag someone in a status, Type a @ symbol followed by the name of your Facebook friend. From the dropdown list that appears, select the desired person and he/she gets tagged in your status.


In case of picture uploading, with recent improvements made in photo identification, Facebook is likely to detect the people present in your picture, including you, and tag them automatically.


Additionally, you can tag as many Facebook friends as you wish to tag in a status or a picture (upto a maximum of 100) but you need to keep in mind that they should have an account in Facebook and also, a place in your friend list.

In order to tag your friends manually, click on the Tag people in your post option (shown below) available after uploading a photo or after a writing a status.


Now in the With section that opens in the Update Status dialog box, type the name of the friend that you wish to tag in the picture or in your status and click on his/her name from the dropdown list that appears.


3. Update your status or post the picture

Once you are done with tagging people in your status or uploaded photo(s), it is time to post it on Facebook and let the world know what you have been upto. If you have tagged a friend inside the body of the status, it will be displayed in the very place but if you have tagged them externally like you have done in case of a picture, they will be shown beside your name, above the status or picture.



Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to tag friends on Facebook.