Signing up for Facebook is easy and it is for free. All you need is a valid email address for the purpose of registration. It is recommended to create a new email for Facebook because you keep on getting emails for any activity that happens on Facebook. Facebook sends you a confirmation email so you must use a valid email address.

Simply open and you will see the following page. You will see “Sign up” and some fields under it.

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First Name & Last Name

Enter your first name and last name. It will be your name through which your friends will find you. After signing up, you can add maiden name or nicknames too.


Enter your valid email address here. You will be asked to enter the email address twice so avoid typos.


Make a unique password using combinations of numbers and letters. Don’t use the password that you often use on other accounts. Keep this one unique.


Enter your Date of Birth. Later on, after signing up, you can hide your Date of Birth from your timeline.


Lastly, choose either male or female to specify your gender.

After you are done with filling all the fields, simply click on “Sign Up”. Congratulations, you have now officially joined Facebook.