Privacy is an important aspect of social media networking and it is important that your privacy options are well taken care of in order to assure maximum security of your posts, photos, videos and other similar social elements. In Facebook, there is a whole lot of privacy options through which you can secure your social identity with optimum precision. You can easily set a limitation to your posts’ reach and set who can see your posts and who cannot. Let us see how.

1. Write and publish a post

First write some status you want to post on Facebook and publish the post in order to proceed to the next step.


2. Click on the Privacy sign that appears beside the time of post

As soon as your post is published, it’s time to regulate who can see your current post. Hover your mouse to the Privacy symbol of your post and choose a post visibility of your choice. You may restrict the post to your friends or even only to yourself.



3. Alternatively you can select custom settings if you require accurate privacy optimization

It may be the case that the two available privacy options might not have been able solve your true motive behind privacy settings and as a result, you are in need of more specific optimization. In such a scenario, you should opt for the Custom settings option which allows you to add specific people only to whom your post shall be visible and blacklist a few who would never see your post. Just click on More Options to opt for Custom Settings. After you are done adding and limiting people, click on Save Changes.



Congratulations! You have successfully learnt how to set the audience of your posts.