Your data on Facebook may not be safe. It is not just the hackers that you have to worry about, Facebook itself uses your information for data collection time and again. Luckily, the company has given its users full access of changing the settings and privacy of their account.

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Facebook offers basic to advance privacy settings. Read further to find out how you can set your account’s privacy settings:

As you go to Privacy Settings, you will see the following for setting up your privacy:

Privacy Check Up

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This lets you control the privacy of your posts, apps and profile. Let’s see what you can do:

  • Posts: You can select who you want to see your news feed or your profile.

  • Apps: This option lets you edit who sees what apps you have used after being logged into Facebook.

  • Profile: This option lets you control the privacy of your profile and decide who to share it with. It includes your email, birthday, hometown, relationship. This information can be kept friends, public or only me.

Who Can See My Stuff?

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This option lets you choose who can see your posts. Here are some of the controls:

  • Who can see my future posts (friends, only me, public and customized options)

  • Review who can see or find the things that you have posted or been tagged with

  • What do other people see on your timeline

Who Can Contact Me?

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This option lets you choose who can contact you or in other words, who can send you a friend request. It can be everyone or friends of friends.

How Do I Stop Someone From Bothering Me?

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This option lets you block or unfriend someone, prevent a person from starting a conversation with you or even see the things you have posted on your timeline. Simply add the name and that person will be blocked.

That’s how you will be securing your Facebook account and set the privacy.