Surveys are an integral part of any topic based assessment which help us to get a generalized response on the very topic from the mass. Although Facebook has no Survey components installed in their system, there are a number of apps which could help you to complete your research with ease. In order to make a survey on Facebook, visit‎. Let us see what should be successively done to create the survey.

1. Click on Get Started Now

In order to create your survey, it’s important to sign up for the survey app. This can be done by clicking on Get Started Now.


2. Give a Survey Title and fill-in other details

It’s important to let people know the true motive of your survey in order to assure yourself the best results. Set a Survey Title and select the Survey Language. Now set the Introduction, Thank-you-text, Closed Survey text and Footer text. Once you are done filling the details, click on Next-Questions.


makesurvey3 makesurvey4 makesurvey5

3. Continue as yourself to proceed to the next step

Once your survey creation is half done, a dialog box will prompt you to allow the app create the survey. Continue as yourself and click on Okay.


4. Click on Add Question

Questions are an integral part of your survey itself as they help to determine the various aspects of your Survey title in details. Click on Add Question to add one to your survey.

makesurvey75. Fill in Question details

First write the question that is related to your survey. Next select the Question type. It could be a text based answer question, a multiple choice option question or can be a scale-based question, based on your requirements. You also have to set the priority of your question, i.e. whether it is mandatory or not along with randomizing the options, if required. Type in the Options that you offer with respect to your question and set the Number of options that a participant is allowed to select. Once you are done with all these criteria, click on Save in order to save your intended question for the survey.


6. Click on Next-Share

Once your question is added to your survey, you may add a few additional questions or may proceed to the next step which is sharing your survey by clicking on Next-Share.


7. Share the survey

The final step involved in the procedure is to share your survey. But before you click on the All Surveys button to share the survey you have created, edit the Share URL and Share Preview, if required. Additionally, you may select where to add the survey from the Sharing Tools option. This should be done as per the platform intended for you survey. Congratulations on learning how to make a survey on Facebook. Create and share one now!