You might have often encountered that your Facebook friends have a lot of people in their friend lists and their number might have even exceeded a few thousands. Well, this is no magic and you too can have a lot of friends on the social networking platform. However, it’s important how you do it because Facebook has many rules regarding making friends and if you just attempt to make a lot of random friends, your account might get blocked or may be marked as spam. In this easy step by step tutorial, we will help you in making a lot of friends, legitimately.

1. Complete your Facebook Profile

In order to make friends on Facebook, it is of utmost importance to complete your Facebook profile. This means that you fill in all your personal details properly, have a suitable profile and cover picture, and do not use abusive languages used anywhere. An example of a complete profile is shown below.


2. Focus on quality-based posts than on quantity

The social world believes in the theory of quality rather than quantity. So, if you want to be a popular face on Facebook, it’s equally essential that you post quality content rather than posting something rubbish frequently. Once people start loving the intellectuality, humor or beauty of your posts, you will receive loads of friend requests in no time. Don’t forget to tag your friends when you share some quality posts as the more number of people you tag, the more visibility your posts get in the social world. The equation is logarithmic.


3. Join as many groups as you can

A great way to make new friends is by seeking them in groups. Groups offer a lot of people in a single place which saves your time involved in searching. An impeccable advantage of making friends through groups is that if you search for a group that is based on your hobby or something you like, there is a heavy chance that the people who are present in such groups share the same mentality as you. You only need to search for a suitable group and join it to get in touch with them.



4. Create a personalized message for sending friend requests

There are people on Facebook who would accept your friend request as soon as they get yours without making any research about you. However, you might get across some who would properly research about you through your profile and check whether you have sent a personalized message or the default one that is preloaded on Facebook. In this way they try to judge whether you have a scam profile or whether you are a real Facebooker with a legitimate timeline. Hit the Send button when you are done writing your message and wait for him/her to reply.


5. Accept and send only a specific number of requests every day

When you ensure yourself that all the above steps have been completed successfully, it is time to get past the Facebook security terms that does not allow you to send or accept multiple requests every successive day. In order to prevent your profile or friend requests from getting blocked, control the number of requests you accept or send every day and limit to them to a small number like 20 to 30. Also, skip a few days in between so that your action seems legitimate to the Facebook security team.