Facebook groups are circle of people, letting them share stuff and keep in touch with each other. The group can be on anything such as books, business, exclusive membership site or even a group support. So, do you want to create a group on Facebook? It is easy, just follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial to get started:

Step 1: Create Group

Untitled 1

On your home page, at the left side menu, in the group section, click on “Add group”. You will be taken to a page displaying the option for creating a group.

Simply click “Create New Group”. At the right of this button, you will see a list of group ideas to choose from. Select whatever categories your group belongs to.

Step 2: Name the Group

Untitled 2

You will see the following box. Enter the group name with which people will find your group.

Step 3: Add Member

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You have to add at least 1 friend before you create the group. Other than this, you are free to add as many members as you want.

Step 4: Choose the Privacy Setting

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Now you have to decide what privacy settings you want for your group. It can be either an open group, closed group or a secret group. As long as you have members less than 250, you can choose any settings you like. However, as the members become more than 250, an open group can only be changed to secret group and a closed group can be changed to secret group. After this, you won’t be allowed to change the privacy settings.

Step 5: Click Create

Untitled 5

After you are done with setting everything, the next step is to click on the create button.

Step 6: Choose the Icon

Untitled 6

You can choose an icon for your group for creating its unique identity.

Step 7: Write “About” Information

Untitled 7

It is really important to fill the about information. Firstly, it gives a picture of what your group is about. Secondly, you can use this section for displaying rules regarding your group too.

Step 8: Select Group Image

Untitled 8

You can either use images from the group members, use a photo from group photo or upload a photo from your computer.

Once the image is set, you can save everything by clicking “save” and you have your own Facebook page successfully created.