Posting photos on Facebook and sharing them with friends have become a common trait among most Facebook users, irrespective of their age or gender. According to recent surveys conducted on the frequency of photo sharing on the Social Network Sites giant, Facebook users are likely to share about 4000 photos every second, every day, in order to share their feelings and daily happenings with the world. If you fall in the same category and upload photos frequently, we recommend you to organize them into a photo album for better user acceptability. This is because another survey proclaims that the number of users viewing shared photo albums is much higher than users viewing disjoint pictures. But how to create a photo album on Facebook? Follow these easy steps and spread your magic!

1. Click on Upload Photo/Video in the Status update dialog box

Log in to your Facebook account and visit your timeline. Hover to the Update Status dialog box and click on the Photo/Video option available.


2. Click on Create Photo Album

On clicking on the Photo/Video option, two new choices will be given to you. You can either upload multiple disjoint photos by clicking on the Upload Photos/Videos or upload photos to an album by clicking on the Create Photo Album which is our primary aim at this moment.


3. Select the photos to be included in the album

Once you opt to create a Photo Album, it’s time to choose the pictures for the respective album. Simply select the pictures from your computer and a new dialog box will automatically follow the procedure which will somewhat look like the picture shown below:


4. Customize your Album and upload

Once your selected pictures gets uploaded into the Photo Album, customize it by giving it a suitable name, tag the place where the pictures were taken and also update the date of the event. Additionally, you can add more photos to your album by clicking on the Add Photos option. You can make your album shared in order to let your friends add pictures to it and can even maintain the high quality of pictures by opting the very option.


As soon as you properly customize your Facebook Photo Album, simply hit the Post button and your album would made available to the world in no time.

Congratulations! You have successfully learnt to create a photo album on Facebook.