We all have been hearing people talking about how they are using the Facebook fan pages for growing their business. You have landed at the right place in case you want to know how to create a fan page on Facebook. It is quick and easy. Read the steps mentioned below and learn how it can be done in 10 minutes:

Step 1: Go to Facebook.com/pages

As you go to Facebook.com/pages, click “Create a Page” in green. You will see the following categories i.e. Local Business or place, artist, band or public figure, company, organization or institution, entertainment brand or product, and cause or community.

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Don’t worry if you are not able to figure out the right category. In that case, just select company, organization or institution. You then have to fill some further information depending on the category that you have picked. If you had selected company, organization or institution, then you are required to choose a sub category and enter the name of your company. Then you are supposed to click I agree to Facebook pages. After this, click “Get started”.

Step 2: Fill out the Basic Information

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In step 2, you have to select a profile picture, add information in the about section and set the web address. The profile picture should be of 180 x 180 px. Once the image is uploaded, the fan page will show image of 165×165 px. You can also leave the picture blank by clicking “skip”.

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Now you must fill the basic information about your business. Make sure you are clear in doing this. Use keywords relevant to your business while filling up the details. In this way, you will get more and more Facebook leads. Once you have filled all the fields, click on save info button. After this, you are supposed to set up the Facebook link. It is similar to the domain name, so you have to make it memorable and short. Customers will use it for finding you. It is best to use your business name here. Then select “set address” and you are done.

Step 3: Work on the Admin Panel

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The admin panel is displayed to the fan page administrators only. It contains details about your page such as notifications, people who have liked your page, and insights about the fan page. You have to update the info through Edit page option. You can add new administrators from here too. By using the build audience option, you can invite people to your page.

Step 4: Add content

By now, you have a basic page set up. In this step, you have to fill content through story telling. This will decide the success of your page. This takes the most effort and time.

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Here, the focus should be on filling page with your status updates, images, videos, milestones and other valuable content that you want to share with your clients. These updates will count a lot in building relationship with your clients.

Step 5: Work on Implementing the Strategies

Once you have amazing content shared on your fan page wall, it is time you implement strategies for driving traffic, generate leads and increase sales from your page.