As Facebook has emerged as one of the best platforms for social media networking, connecting to friends has become a child’s play. Texting a friend on a social networking site is called chatting and is an integral part of the virtual social sphere. Let us see how to chat with your friends on Facebook. Once you learn to do it, we bet chatting will become one of your most addictive activities.

1. Find a friend to start chatting with him

Once you log in to Facebook, search the name of the friend you want to chat with and befriend him first before you start sharing messages. You can do it by typing the name of that friend in the Search box and then sending him a friend request


as soon as his profile’s page opens up.


2. Click on the Chat Box to see who is available

You can start chatting with your friends who have responded to your friend requests or who are already friends with you on Facebook. In order to do this, simply click on the chat box to see who is available online to chat with.



3. Click on the friend’s name and type a message to start chatting with him

It’s time to send your first message and start chatting with your friend who is available online at that moment. You can understand who is online by seeing the green dot beside his/her name. As soon as his separate chat box opens up, type a message and hit the enter button on your keyboard.


Once your friend replies to your text, the chatting is now on. Congratulations on learning how to chat with your friends on Facebook.