Social network advertisement have been a raging phenomenon since its inception and advertising on Facebook is no exception. The properly regulated advertising elements incorporated into this Social Network Sites giant is surely incomparable with any similar service provider. But in order to excel at it and make out the most through your Facebook ads, follow this tutorial properly and achieve impeccable success in your goals.

1. Click on Create Ads

Once you are logged in to your account, click on the Arrow Down that’s available at the rightmost corner of your Facebook taskbar and subsequently click on the Create Ads option.


2. Wait for a few seconds till your Ads account gets created

As soon as you opt for the Create Ads option, a new screen replaces the Facebook tab which shows that your Ads account is being created. You need to wait for a few seconds while your account gets connected to your pages and everything gets ready.

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4. Choose the objective of your campaign

It’s of utmost importance to have a fixed objective about why you are posting a specific Ad on Facebook before opting to create a campaign for the very same. Facebook regulates the audience, fees and Ad moderations based on the objective you choose for your Ad campaign.


5. Create your Ad account

When your objectives for your Ad campaign are set, simply click on the Create Ad Account button to proceed through the next step. In the example shown below, the Ad campaign has been created for promoting a Band’s page on Facebook. In this way, the band is likely to get more likes and visibility as desired by the owner.


6. Add important credentials

After you hit the Create Ad Account button, the next step will ask you to enter important credentials related to your Ad campaign. This includes entering your Account Country, Currency, Time Zone and Account Name. Click on the Set Audience & Budget button as soon as you are done with this step.


7. Set your Audience and Budget

The most important of an Ad campaign is setting the desired audience you want to reach through your Ads and the budget you want to invest in reaching to them. Choose a Location, Age range, Gender and Language in order to regulate your post reach. Facebook will automatically show the Audience Definition based on your moderations. Under Detailed Targeting, set the Interests that the people you reach should have in order to like your page. Save your Audience followed by setting your Daily Budget that you wish to spend on the Ads campaign. Choose a desired Schedule on which you wish to launch your Ad, check the Estimated Daily Reach and click on the Choose Ads Directive button.


8. Determine your Ads Creative

Select the image or video you want to show in your Ad and write a promotional text for the same. Have a look at the Ad preview that other users would see when the Ad is created and when all of these criteria are properly taken care of, hit the Place Order button and complete the transaction. You ad campaign will be posted in the determined schedule and your objectives would be met in no time.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned to advertise on Facebook.